Jimmy Choo for H&M

The collaboration consists of accessories (shoes, bracelets etc) and clothing for women and men. It is still very much what you’ll expect from Jimmy Choo – rock and roll glam; zebra skin cladded accessories, scintillating blings encrusted with crystals. An item that caught my eye from the women’s line is the over the knee boot – it is a real pair expensive footwear – 100% leather, including the soles! The H&M website is even nice enough to advice us that “if you want your pair to last, replace the soles and the heels before you use the shoes”. For £179.99, it’s worth it if I just put the pair in a display cabinet to worship them.


The women’s clothing collection consists of a lot of suede/leather trousers or skirts. Also studded body con dresses that are red hot this season. To be honest the one shouldered suede dress is another catchy tune that Jimmy Choo plays with H&M this time around, the dress costs £149.99.


If I’ll have to be perfectly honest, majority of the Jimmy Choo collection shoes for H&M has lacked the glam factor I’ve been looking forward to. Plasticky shoes that don’t look comfortable walking in; simple cut out shoes and basketsy heels… The shoe below is one of the most exciting ones, £79.99. I can imagine Carrie Bradshaw picking a size that doesn’t fit just for the sake of owning it.


What people go for Jimmy Choo though, apart from the design, is largely the leather smell and the pride that comes with it. Well, when you look at the Jimmy Choo’s signature tote, it’s a rather plain design that lacks thoughts: how the bag connects to the strap? How should the bag shape? Where do the pockets go? I guess £179.99 is what you pay for the material, not any intricate ideas that go behind it.


All in all, there are pieces that excite and and make sure you get to the shops early on the 14th November. This event will definitely get your adrenalin pumping.

Double breasted

Double breasted coats originated from the business suits from the 20s. Think Al Capone. The double breasted cut were repopularised in the 80s again, and twenty years later, it no longer is a style for the mens only.

Here are two adaptations to the double breasted style – checkered or striped jacket with a briefcase and a hat.




The chemical engineering student from Australia, who is on a year exchange to Imperial College, has just travelled around Iceland and she said, “on an Island with population of less than 500,000, there’s this street literally packed full with vintage stores. It’s really amazing.”

Her dress is from one of those shops. I cannot veer my eyes away from her white tights – lucky girl.  The only other girl I know who actually has the legs required to pull them off is Gwen Stefani.