Dita Von Teese

I have recentlybecome obsessed with Dita Von Teese. Not the mannish type, of course.

Hollywood Palladium

Not a lot of women can feel so at ease with their own sexuality. Von Teese succeeds in understanding her appeal completely and is not afraid to exhibit it in a classy way.

The Hollywood Palladium

To some, the beginning of a career of an 18 year old girl in a strip club seems demeaning and derogatory. To Von Teese, she did not flow along with the current. She has her own imagination and belief of what she sees it (seduction) should be. It is not the business she is interested in. It is the art of seduction that captures her heart. It is about graduating something vulgar into something almost as captivating as Audrey Hepburn.


She did not stop at perfecting the smile, did not stop at the perfect steps in a burlesque show. She incorporated her work into her life philosophy, into her daily life. She has not the husky voice that men find mystery and seductive. She has not the out-in-the open, Jordan type sexuality. She entices by her presence. She entices by arousing anticipation with her subtlety – her looks and her words – the way she speaks it. She chooses to live in the sexiest era, the post war glamour of the 1940s. Out of the three cars she owns, two of which are vintage – one comes from the 1940s, another the 70s.


I admire of her genuine personality and being completely at ease with who she is, and lives the life she believes in.


Marjan Pejoski – KTZ

Lady GaGa wears him, Katy Perry wears him. And no surprise involved since his designs are very in season and trendily wearable. Maybe the Shoreditch crew will find it a bit of a backlash, but certainly will thrill the high street consumers. And Marjan has more than certainly captured the hearts of the music cross style superstars.



Monochromatic Black

If you don’t do it well, you’ll blend into the background or look like a shoe shop’s sales assistant. Do it well, you can be as elegant as Audrey Hepburn or you can be as edgy as a dice.






Pictures from various sites such as Street Walker and Dublin Streets

Office Chic


Tone down a ponsy stripe suit jacket with this season’s hottest ripped acid jeans. Add a lose bun and a pair of gold strappy heels to prevent the full on masculine look.

William Tempest’s heart skipped a beat…


So this dress was not tudor inspired, but the architecture pretty much sums up the essence of William’s show-stopping structured dress. At a massive savings of over £600 pounds, this £18 is a bargain and is available from your nearest Asda.

William Tempest's debut at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in Feb, 2009.

William Tempest's debut at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in Feb, 2009.

Browsing the Asda website returned this fabulous dense leopard print body-con dress as well:


Also by George for Asda, £18.

While we’re on the supermarket invading the fashion market matter, look at this gorgeous sleevless trench coat by Tesco, all for £30, easily beating those old shapes we’re so accustomed to with Burberry and Aquascutum… You know, the £30 alternative doesn’t look half bad, the quality is supereme, the tailoring is well done. Without the F&F logo on the top right, I can be easily convinced that this is a Burberry’s SS10 campaign…


Do the sailor’s palette


Sailor’s palette brightens the countable remainder of the British summer days. The key being the tartan backpack, which Betty Jackson featured in her AW09 collection, the only, dare I say, item that captured my heart…

Backpacks have been unfashionable for so long, I am confident it is looking for a come back.

I’ll burn you with a cigarette


1. Ripped denim high waisted skirt with zip detail, Topshop, £35; 2. Lace blouse, River Island, £29.99; 3. 30mm thick shoulder pad, sewessential.co.uk, £2.11 for a pair; 4. Diamante and studded silver metal wrist bracelet, Peacocks, £12; 5. Suede studded ankle heels with half inch platform, Blanco, €35.99; 6. Gold plated metal stud ring, Peacocks, £5; 7. Feather tote with metal chain, River Island, £49.99

Tao Okamoto


For each page you turn on your fashion magazine, it’s yet another familiar face. Madonna for LV, Marion Cotillard for Dior, Emma Watson for Burberry. Even if they are not celebs, the models seem to be moulds of one another. The Jessica Stam and Lily Donaldson mould. The Vlada Roslyakova and Sasah Pivoravova mould. How incredibly fresh indeed to see an oriental face which defies the blue and wide eye rule.

Tao Okamoto, who seems to have become  an unmissable book of all the fashion big names, conquered the runways from Italy to the States, from France to Spain and to London. She has graced the AW09 of Dolce and Gabanna, Pollini, Louis Vuitton, Akris, Dries Van Noten, Giles, Luella and Loewe… any big names you can point your finger to.

She has indeed taken the fashion world by storm. She has become the face of Ralph Lauren Collection, H&M and Benetton. Appeared on Vogue Paris and Vogue Russia.

How many memorable ethnic model faces are there? I remember Naomi Campbell and hopefully Jordan Dunn can become as big as Naomi was. Tao, hopefully, would be the orient’s representative, together with Liu Wen and Du Juan.



Benetton AW09 Campaign


H&M Website homepage


3.1 Phillip Lim AW09 RTW



Thigh High Boots

Yeah, every fashion magazine seems to talk about them now. But mind you, thefashionspot has been talking about them at least 6 months ago. It makes me wonder if fashion magazines are worth buying anymore.

I went to Liverpool and visited a random shoe shop in the summer. They had a pair of suede thigh high, flat, going for £25. So if you fancy buying a pair, always visit random shoe shops that sell boots all through the year.

Another random note… if you think thigh high is only for this season and contemplate hard whether you should invest – why not get a pair where you can flip down from the knee up, so you can wear them like a normal pair of boots next season?

This pair is from http://www.exotichighheels.com/. I seem to always recommend people buying shoes from fetish sites now. Anyhow, that’s what fashion is going for right, the shock and the taboo. So next time you’re buying a jacket or a bag… maybe you can consider sneaking into a sex shop and it may surprise you!


Final note, Zara is doing a pair of stiletto thighs for £89. Whether or not its worth it it’s up to you. But best check taboo or sex shops as I said…