Fur, bad, bad fur.


When a 10 pounds faux fur looks as real and feels as warm as a genuine one. I wonder how do Siberians make a living anymore?

Having said that, real fur has that soft yet rigid look that faux fur still can’t yet rival. I don’t have a problem with wearing fur. At the end of the day, even cotton comes from a life. How much animal welfare can we afford to care about before we sacrify the livelihood of some rural farmers or rearers who only have access to rudimentary facilities and methods?


I have been in Hong Kong for three weeks now. While the majority of people dress for the weather (it’s about 36 degrees here… while the sun is not scorching, the humidity suffocates you. Fag breaks are no longer leisure, they are torturous. The moisture in the air and the heat totally puts you off from puffing more heat into your lungs. The concrete skyscrapers store the heat radiates from the cars, the 50 buses that run on the same road every minute and not to mention the unkind solar radiation.)


I mean take away those who dress for the weather, people are trendy. Clothes are cheap, styles are versatile. Many people dress plausibly.

Don’t forget most of our clothes comes from Hong Kong. Hilary Alexander worked in Hong Kong for 5 years. She said one of the many thrills of writing in Hong Kong was the accidental discoveries of factories or outlets.

Lack of my photographic skills perhaps. But her rebellious bleached leather messenger bag has a chewed off flap; her loose tee is coherent with the whole rock-chic look. I love her manicure. Impeccable.

One thing I like about the Asian style is that they dress to **please themselves**. Not dressed according to the ** magazine**.

You may complain about the lack of photograhy. People I have asked so far are cautious about how their photos will be used. For example, this lady’s side kick stepped in to interfere with the photographing process… Europeans generally love having their pictures taken.

“Blog? What blog? How do I know you are what you say you are? Have you a business card?”

What can I possibly use this photograph for?

Megan Fox in Wonderland Special Issue

In an honest interview with Wonderland, the iconic show stopping beauty confessed that she has borderline personality and is a potential schizophrenic. Regardless of her mental status, this woman is a knock-out.






There’s no denying Mariano Vivanco made the eye-wateringly delicious Fox into a good old clothes horse. To read Megan’s interview prelude, visit http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/features/megan_fox/.

Photograher: Marian Vivanco for the 4th anniversary issue of Wonderland. On sale 3th Sep.

Boris the Third Blonde

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London graces the subscriber version’s cover of the September issue of Elle. Not only just that – he wrote the Editor’s Letter, the third blonde to do so after Lorraine Candy (Elle’s current editor-in-chief) and Donatella Versace. In the interview, Boris talks about what makes London great. Umm, how original.


Boris also collaborated with Lorraine Candy in a project which 25 posters, featuring designers, models and photographers, will be put up in the underground celebrating 25 years of London Fashion Week.



Poster by the make-up artist Pat McGrath.

rankinPoster by the photographer Rankin

mark-fastPoster by the critically acclaimed new designer Mark Fast

richard-nicollPoster by the designer Richard Nicoll


This is not the first time Boris Johnson poses for fashion magazines. He was previously interviewed by the UK’s Marie Claire and Haper’s Bazaar soon after he was elected as the mayor.

Brandon Flowers for the Guardian

If you have already seen the originals from the Guardian interview, I apologise. These pictures are simply too stunning to not archive due to obvious reasons.

Brandon wore suits from Gucci, Burberry, Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier.





Photograher: Frederike Helwig

Bally Shoes for a Pound

There is a reason why I love Carboot sales on Saturdays or Sundays… I got a pair of brand new riding shoes for 2 pounds in North Wales.


The reason they’re so cheap is that they’ve been in the box for, I guess, at least 20 years and the leather has become rather stiff.


And this pair. Although not new, these pumps frequent the vintage stores in Shoreditch every so often for 10 pounds upwards.  I bought them for a quid.

Carboot is often filled full of shit more unworthy of shit. One needs to look  very carefully and patiently.

It’s worth it. A tenner can get you more than you can bargain for.