Chaotic Fashion

Fashion inevitably recycles. The 70s recycles the 30s, the 90s recycled the 60s. What is so special about the millennium then? We have recycled the 30s,40s, 50s all the way up to the 90s. But we don’t have a set look to accommodate all these. We fry them all up and wear a neon nike jacket over a highly tailored suit trousers. A 60s bathing suit under an 80s’ padded coat. We wear a hippie tie dye dress with a rock, silver studded belt. If you are trying to define a style for us now. Unfortunately it is “undefined”.

Chaos go into our look. But what makes a good mix? There is no fix formula for it. You’d just have to experiment. A good look is messy but yet clean. You look at an outfit and you can still clearly distinguish the pieces. The edge, the colour.

This is an era where outfits scream for attention. Where people dress their personalities and not so much so for the purpose of the clothes anymore. It won’t be long before Dr. Martins are worn with evening gowns. And so far Lily Allen has perfected the dressy look with colourful trainers. Although Lily Allen has attracted many malicious comments about her lack of “style”, most of the time it takes people time to realise this is not a question of “lack of”, but “creation”.

Lady GaGa got on the front page for her high waisted tight PVC A-line skirt in nude coupled with a black leather bra. Having seen so many maillot under coats in reputable collections in this season’s London Fashion Week, you start to wonder when would Lady GaGa look officially arrive on the runway. After all, these mixes share the same sentiment. A chaotic and ruthless mix. It is only a matter of time before the general public starts to understand and accept the forward thinking ideas.
Bikini was a design that has shocked the world. Now you cannot imagine wearing a full body speedo on a beach in Spain. Would you like to ask yourself why?