The Reason Why Carine Was Banned

Isabelle Guichot, CEO of Balenciaga was cutting the ribbon earlier today at Hong Kong’s first Balenciaga boutique opened by the Gucci Group themselves.

When she was asked about the ban Balenciaga imposes on French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, Isabelle said,

“It is the conflict of interest. They do many freelance job on the side.” And in between words Isabelle was referring to what has been on Carine’s mind and thus the clothes in the magazine are the projects that she works for on the side.

When asked whether Carine will be welcomed for the next show, Isabelle did not say for certain, but she said “we prefer journalists who are a bit…” she searched for a word and when suggested “genuine”? She nodded. Her reply probably implied that Carine will continue to be banned for the upcoming Balenciaga show scheduled later on this week.

Kiwibiwi the commented that Carine is lovely, I hope she will be welcome by Balenciaga again. And Isabelle replied, “Yes Carine is nice.”

This has put an end to the speculation over why Carine was banned from the AW 2010 runway earlier this year.

Isabelle is due to fly back tomorrow for the Balenciaga runway this Thursday/Friday night.