The Battle of the Political Wives

Well. The thursday-gone involved some frantic telephoning at the Telegraph fashion desk, and I imagine the same goes with every other dailies.

So what’s the deal? Yes, you’ve guessed it, the reclusive Miriam Clegg. Or the Miriam Gonzalez Durantez as she prefers to be known. Unlike Sarah Brown, who prepares a sheet of paper documenting the clothing items she is wearing for the day for the curious newspaper hacks, the Head of Trade of DLPipers in the city chooses to stay out of the spotlight. This makes it über difficult to pinpoint exactly where her threads and accessories came from.

Praise has to be given to Melanie, my colleague at the Telegraph who taught me a bucket worth of tricks. She alone, in one morning, in three hours, telephoned 10 shops and 10 ethical brands. The choice of those 20 10-digits is surprising logical for the fashion desk. Where do the Cleggs reside? Putney? Phone every shop within a mile radius. What are the Libdem’s manifestos? Green? Phone ethical designers and boutiques.

Mel eventually tracked down where Miriam shops: an ethical boutique in Chiswick; and what she wore on polling day – a patch work dress from From Somewhere.

But I digressed. Where Miriam (Megg as Hilary proposed how Miriam should be known), or Sam Cam or Sarah Brown shop is of no interest to me whatsoever. Nor should it to you. I couldn’t care less about what Michelle Obama wore to whatever event she went to. So let alone the pregant Sam Cam who for the few months ahead will be wearing nothing but stretchy trousers and loose skirts; or Sarah Brown who is forever the soigneé political wife/ professional PR/ charity campaigner/ mum – coding for nothing more than an M&S cardy and 1.5inch wedges; or Miriam Clegg, who mistakeningly chose not to wear a bra for the red patchwork dress she wore to the poll station. (After 3 children and under 40 years of gravity, unless you are Cindy Crawford or McMenamy, one should really consider containing those pups.)

The thing is, there are bazillion style crushes out there. Olivia Palermo (yes… Don’t despise me please), Anna Dello Russo, Diane Kruger… And not to mention the many, many street style heroes. And why has all of a sudden, these political wives, whose style is donned by every other mama on the high street, received so much media coverage?

Have we run out of stories to cover? Nope, not really: how about a preview of the RCA graduate fashion show? How about Brown’s exhitbition next week? Well, how about just give us a break over the who’s worn what? Especially when these women don’t really have much style to begin with?

You can blame my raging youth for not being able to appreciate the extricate combo of flair maternity trousers and a pair of black converse topped with a cocktail jacket. But hey, people dress their mood, and I usually throw the said combination on when I owe some serotonin to my biological system. So don’t tell me she’s particular stylish ok? It’s a trashy casual combo that a two year old baby can put together. You and I both know it.

Secondly, isn’t the whole political wife and their style thing a bit of a sheepish following? Who started it in the first place and why did everybody start following? When Andrew Marr wrote that journalists became lazy down the timeline, I never thought that it indeed rings true that journalists don’t get out of their air-conditioned office anymore… Stories, in the form of a phone call and finding out where did the clothes come from, will suffice the 500 word limit and quota for the week. Those are easy money per word, eh?

Come on, a month of excessive coverage on a story that isn’t even particularly captivating nor inspiring… I petition the spotlight to be turned away from these women, or we’ll be heading towards… The following:

Now Sam Cam is the pregnant wife at No. 10, get ready for another few months of coverage on maternity wear until Mothercare becomes the next Topshop, J Crew or Jaeger on her due day. You watch, the Cameron baby will be the next style crush.

***** Update*****

On the 12th May, Thursday, Sam Cam has announced that she will step down from her full time job as Creative Director at Smythson the stationer. Her husband has previously formed a coalition government with the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. He will be holding a non-constitution role as Deputy Prime Minister. Britain now has two first ladies. Although as a city lawyer, Miriam Gonzalez will not step down from her role as Head of Trade. She was asked before the General Election whether she will forfeit her full-time role should her husband becomes PM. She said she will give up her job only if her husband becomes the leader of the country.


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