What are you wearing to the Royal Ascot?

These just came through my mailbox and they’re absolutely wonderful. The PR has associated Suzannah’s dresses with SATC2. So not true. I think they are more demure and classy than the typical Patricia Field outfits (not that I have anything against her, in fact, I love her. I just find it bizzare that somebody will associate classic and elegant designs with four sexually charged women. Not that I have anything against SATC either but hey… I’m gonna go on correcting myself so let’s just focus on the clothes eh? LASTLY, while I’m on the topic, why don’t I let you know that Sex andthe City 2 is just around the corner? The exclusive screening is set on the 24th May at the Soho Hotel in London, dressed up and be seen!)

At the first glance, I can immediately associate part of them with Lanvin. Fluid and frivolous, yet totally cocktail classed, not to mention the glossy finish and the exceptional tailoring. Most of the fabric comes from Italy as detailed on Suzannah‘s website. Majority of the dresses are made in the UK. Definitely penned in the UK though!

Suzannah – whose boutique and studio is based in Bristol Gardens in London – has been working in the fashion industry as a stylist, a trend forecaster and not to mention the fifteen years spent as a designer. Her clothes draw reference from vintage glamour, Parisian as well as Upper East Side chic. Her lovely dresses have been featured from Grazia to Easy Living. But I say no matter what magazine features her work, one fact that cannot be denied is that the dresses, from greek goddesses to audrey hepburn inspired frocks,  are all extremely flattering and confidence boosting.

My favourites are definitely her heavily vintage influenced tea-dresses. Colourful prints and playful fabric, wonderful for a summer picnic, sipping Champagne and eating cheese and biscuit on a velvety blanket. Here are a few that I’ll definitely get, should my employer decides that my words are worth more benjamins than they already do! And if you’re going to the Royal Ascot, these are the no-fuss choices for the day? Minimal accessories required, all you need is a nice hairdo and a good lipstick!

The prices for these tea dresses start from £210, and are all available from Suzannah.com. You have a fitting period of 14 days and you may return them if they don’t fit. But the website is kind enough to give you a size guide. And I guarantee you once you put them on, there’ll not be a desire to take them off?

It may be too late for those out there who are enarmoured by these dresses now, but don’t say I haven’t told you that Suzannah’s press day is held today at the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane, W1. Lo and behold, this shopping event also grants you exclusive discounts for these well-tailored, girly and elegant dresses too! And then we come to the more flamboyant, still very very vintage and Dita Von Teese-esque 50’s dresses. They are tailored like a dream and a pair of vintage Bally mid-heel and a pair of arm length white gloves are all you need.

From the past to the presence, how thrill are we that we are in a position to show off our sexy kitten boudoir dresses, courtesy of Mr. Galliano who’s made garter belts, bustiers once again acceptable in the style scruntiners’ eyes. Some of us are daunted by the sheer and nude colours, laced and overtly exposing dresses that are on the market. Fret not, for there are some very colourful and dignified choices!

And for the girl who needs to work for her diamonds, there are office-friendly designs that set you apart from the high-street gang!

What I love about them is the care that’s taken into draping and folding a very simple silhouette. The seams are seamless, the look is perfect. But beware, if you’re not the every bit perfect perfectionista, maybe more care has to be taken in doing up your hair (lots of hairspray to fix that Beehive as well as the precise application of lipstick!)

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