Gang Orient

This Monday saw the Hong Kong singer-songwriter Eason Chan performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. His energetic rhythms and quirky lyrics attract a cult of trendy youth followers. The 5000 seats at the home of Proms were at capacity. The spotlight tho, also points to the well-dressed crowd. The Oriental tribe’s anglomania dress sense deserves a round of attention and not least, applause!

The Quirk Factor

You may almost mistake this lady as Tavi Gavinson. The hair is certainly eye catching, but the funky headphones and the frog purse is no less. And where are those sandals from? Don’t they look Marni to me?

One of my most favourite outfits of the day. This gent is from Italy and the gentlemanly green jacket has diffused the shock value of the patchwork cropped chinos. You have to give it to the Italians. Check out the shoes and the crocodile skin bag!

The Reserved Trendiness

What have caught my eyes are the lady-like velvet pencil skirt and the mohair jumper. A cashmere motif-ed scarf? Checked. A Roger Vivier Miss Viv (or Carla, whatever your prefer) handbag? Checked!

Not a Miss Viv, but 1o times more brilliant!

The Imperfectionist

That casual demeanour, the relaxed posture and the look as if it was put together last minute. Nah. The calculated colour blocking and the precise length of the jersey trousers. This man has perfected the imperfect.

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