Get Up and Go

When trees start to re-dress themselves, we know that the long gloomy winter is finally over. Finally there are clothes to match the relaxed mode of vivre and the floral summer milleu. Under cherry blossom, on a pale gingham blanket sits chartreuse and pink macaroons; this paints a reflective picture of how our new spring-summer wardrobe should look like.

And now, those sequins, strong shoulders and fierceness must make way for the spring zen. This time around, rather than dressing to please anybody else, we for the first time, can dress for comfort and to please ourselves. Let dedcadence goes into override. Pour as much double cream onto your strawberries as you wish. The flattering shapes of the 50s wraps and flairs. In simpler terms,  A circle-skirt disguses the most stubborn food baby. A boned bustier shapes a woman’s most important asset. Free-will rides this season’s fashion tide. Here’s also a toast to the nonchalant and ‘me’ look… Take cue from these 50s women. Not the most liberal women of any generation, as the idea feminism was yet to be conceived. But with swaying fabrics and a cinched waist that accentuate a woman’s curve, it is easy for confidence to seep from subtlety.

I have been a long advocate of the New Look. I’m so glad I can stove my sewing machine, for there are plenty of high street offerings to satisfy our insatiable need for circle skirts, wrapped dresses, and styles that are inspired by nonetheother, Grace Kelly herself.

This time around, no accessorising needed. If you must, a choker of pearl. Wear minimal make up, look as natural as you can. Carry a basket and pretend to be a strawberry picker. Look nonchalant, and if the weather allows, definitely some Audrey Hepburn RayBan sunglasses.

Lipsy, the online retail store has a £38 white tutu on offer. Cue Grace Kelly’s infamous outfit from the Rear Window, top with a decollete neckline top, widely available from the highstreet. Namely, I have spotted a cotton dress with such a neckline in Primark for £4.

A Lipsy £38 tulle tutu.

And then the type of cutsey little flair dresses that we all begged mummy to buy. It’s pink, it has polka dots on it and an immaculately tied bow! What more can a girl asked for? And I know it’s not gingham, I know. But the palette is so SS10 Christopher Kane that I couldn’t help but fell in love with it. The photo does the dress no justice. As the fabric is soft to touch but its the kind of structured fabric that gives the dress rigidity and its frivolous summery touch. It’s £40, and it’s New Look’s Limited Edition.

£40 from New Look’s Limited Edition

What’s more… the back is heart shaped! This really deviates from what people normally expect from New Look – fast fashion, cheap tailoring, dodgy seams. No… the dress is complete with an under dress!

And it is an open heart back!

And now, it goes without saying that the 50s was all about florals too. The granny’s pattern? Not so much anymore. This season, they’re everywhere. And they’re pretty and subtle:

A 50s woman in florals.

Another floral offering from Lipsy. £35. And the floral sleeveless dress at the top, from Dorothy Perkins, £32.

On this note, I’ll leave you to your macaroons and your cherry blossom. Happy spring! 🙂


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