Love Lace, Love Outerwear

I can’t believe ‘love it or hate it?’ is even a question when it comes to this sheer Marchesa AW10 ready-to-wear frock. SJP wore it to ShoWest in Las Vegas on 19th March and I fell in love with it immediately. Just looking at its front doesn’t do the dress any justice. Check out its back!

So the lace/tulle/black and white and underwear as outerwear phenomenon has become the high street force next season. High street stores have pumped full throttle on this overtly romantic trend. Even Tesco’s F&F line has pushed a 8 piece lace collection underneath its Womanswear domain. So fret not, you need not be a millionaire of a  girlie girl to work this.

See our Wacky Chief guide to mix and match designer and high street. Cheap chic is the way to go, it doesn’t harm your relationship with your banker, so read on!

And I came across this outfit on a Doll-House website. The dress is made of black tulle and a knitted halter neck blouse. Can’t afford the newsest season Marchesa? Maybe a doll outfit? Read the collage below to work the Lace theme. You don’t have to be obsessed with underwear to love this lace trend! Go fierce!


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