Designers for High Streets

Omg I loathe myself oh so much. Oh so, so, so much.

How did I completely miss Mary Katrantzou’s line for Topshop? It was released on the 19th Feb, 2010 and a month and a bit on. I only found out yesterday from… an unknown source.

So I nipped down the closest Topshop to my home this morning. Only to find. They only sell them at the Oxford Circus store. Which is bazillion miles from West London. So ok, the easiest way would be interneting it. Nope, I think the collection has completely sold out on the Topshop site too.

To be honest they are not exactly the top-top notch trompe l’Oeil that’s so nicely done on her authentic range. But if only I had learnt earlier. And the dress is only… £55…


And then I want to beat myself with a bat. For missing Ashish’s Rihanna inspired spike jacket (above left) for £150. It was lauched on 3rd Feb… Omg. Where have I been? Just, where?

So it has been rumoured and then confirmed last September that Mark Fast would do a collection for Topshop, due to be launched this Feburary. His collection is nowhere to be seen and when I inquired the shop assistant replied, ‘Who?’.

So I’m guessing it won’t be soon then. But then, the wake up call is – a Topshop newsletter is crucial. There.

Another of my favourite designer, Giles Deacon has put out another collection with New Look. Nope, the clothes hardly resemble the mastery you’d get on his runway. So it has been disappointment through and through. I won’t be a penny out of pocket for any of these… pretty simply because…they’re pretty but they’re not Giles. They are branded Giles. But not very much. Did he even pen these blearhhhrerr?

More news: Stella McCartney has launched her new range with Gap Kids on the 16th March. The collection will hit the stores coming Monday, the 29th. If you’re a petite girl. I’m sure there will be a few bargains to be had! Good luck, folks!


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