A New Woman to Put on Fashion Front Page

Hailed as the Anna Dello Russo of Vogue Turkey, we welcome a new IT girl in the fashion field. While Anna Dello Russo is famed for dressing the best of all runways, Ece Sukan, the editor at large at Vogue Turkey fame for defying the fashion rule book or trends.

An ex-model turned stylist and now an editor, Ece Sukan also owns an admirable Vintage Shop in her native of Istanbul. The shop only sells top brands like Miu Miu and Yves Saint Laurent, it has become a fashionista’s top agenda in their itenaries in Istanbul.

She is a heroine of mix and match – vintage and off-the-runway accessories. Her long legs and slender figure takes on anything from a poker-printed dress topped with a fur coat. Vintage Balmain style heavily shoulder padded one piece leather dress with miliatry detailing is just another day.

Recently she heralded on style.com with a 50s style green jacket cinched at the waist with a brown belt and a fur jacket not dissimilar to the Rick Owens design two seasons ago.

Ece is almost always photographed in a variety of edgy sunglasses, posing with a long, slim cigarette. Her deep and magnetic voice just adds to her allure.

She has curated a vintage fashion show in Istanbul, up-beat music accompanies models in maillots and skimpy sequined pieces. The show puts vintage back onto the fashion agenda. For this we need to applause the originality of Ece.

She told the NYT recently, that “Metaphorically, our connection between the West and the East makes us rich with culture… We are starting to combine our history with Western taste to create our own identity.” Although she was accused of plaigiarising from Carine Roitfeld’s editorials in Vogue Paris, her style differs somewhat in her fearlessness in combining the oriental bling to modern dressing.

She was seen getting up close to King Karl and Galliano alike during the Paris Couture shows. Do we have a new power brewing in the fashion world? It remains to be seen. All we can say now is that we adore her boundless styling and her fondness in vintage.

Salute, madamoiselle.


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