A Trip Down Etsy

Nobody has ever felt so unspecial since the Industrial Revolution. Every pair of jeans you wear is shared by hundreds of thousands of other people on planet earth. The very artwork you display on your wall has been re-printed at least 1,000,000 times.

Mass production becomes the way of living. Chains are eradicating all independent stores on the high street, this tornado of consumer monopoly will eventually take its toll on everyone. Landfills will explode with cheap products without any meaning…

Consumer monopoly also means that the number of people employed in the creative industry will greatly decrease. For those fair few who might be designing for big companies, their creative freedom may be limited by the firms wanting to make products more ‘marketable’, with ‘street appeal’ and bankable qualities. Will everyone eventually have the same tastes? Dictate by shareholders’ bank balance? Will our children lose all ability to be creative?

Most of you know about Etsy already. Some of you are probably addicts. Etsy is similar to eBay, but sells only stuff made by crafts lovers. Buyers like you and me directly purchase from the hundreds of thousands of craftsmakers registered on the site. The site has a real sense of community and an honest feeling about it. It is always a joy having a stroll around the arty online shopping mall. Paintings, scultures, clothes, shoes, accessories… you name it!

Could Etsy be the salvation of our civilisation?


I have given myself 30 minutes to see what’s on offer. By how much will I be out of pocket after this time? Time starts… now!

11.21: saw a few paintings by Marisol Spoon… Poised and subtle, they make me wonder if they’ve stories about them. Porcelain skin, beautifully done hair…




11.31 Saw these brooches in a teacup by lupin! Will look sooo good on a rustic wood table by the window, dried flowers in a vintage vase… Brightens up any writing days!

$12.75 each


$12.00 each, not brooch, but moustache ‘disguise’ as Lupin calls it. I reckon you can wear it as a necklace / as an alice band…

11.41 A Nintendo laptop case! YES!! By SplashingKoi


11.45 WOAH!!!! A pair of McQueen mutant heels for Blythe dolls!! Sold by TSANFW


11.51 A of Clarks for babies. For my newphew. By Pliumbum



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