Oscars Oscars! All the best gowns!

I stayed up all night tweeting the who wears what (@kiwibiwi) and waiting for the moment for Kathryn Bigelow to beat ex-husband James Cameron’s ridiculously budgeted (and yet a massisive failure) so called ‘film of the year’.

Firstly, the gowns did not disappoint, many wore Haute Couture straight off the season’s Paris runway. Namely Zoe Sadana (my favourite Givenchy’s final exit, seen on Natalia Vodianova) and J.Lo, Hilary Swank and Amanda Seyfried’s choice of the Moon collection of Armani Prive. It is exhilarating to know I have red-carpet taste!

Carey Mulligan triumphed in her impeccable bejeweled Prada. The cut complimented her blonde short hair so well and you have to applaud her sensibility in wearing a pair of comfy satin platformed-stiletto. Negotiating the never ending red-carpet in a pair of 5 inch Louboutin can prove a disastrous move that will end up breaking your feet in half… Another Hollywood classics, Cameron Diaz ‘the Body’ donned a Oscar De La Renta beige gown that took my breath away.

Another round of applaud goes to Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren. The ever elegant Hollywood veterans dressed extremely respectably and lacked no glamour. There are the proves that women can grow old graciously; radiance doesn’t come with Botox, but confidence and admirable attitudes. These two are the most grounded Hollywood actresses. Definitely a different generation.

Varying degrees of success came about as stars chose Atlier (or just) Versace. Mariah Carey isn’t particularly known for her good fashion sense. The blue frock on the red carpet is what most would suggest a far to safe option. But whatever floats the pop queen’s boat. And rumour has it she is hiding a bump? Are you sure that is a baby bump or she’s just a little…bloated? The winner in Versace has to be Demi Moore! Does this woman ever grow old? Ashton Kutcher is indeed a very lucky man although he was not seen at Oscars last night. Where does Demi’s shoes come from? The satin complimented the chiffon so well. The red-carpet veteran has bags of experience behind her, so what do we expect? A fashion faux pas? Elizabeth Banks also scored top marks in a somewhat similar dress to Demi albeit in a different shade.

I was also most thrilled to hear Sandy Powell has won best costume for The Young Victoria, which has become one of my most favourite film with the gorgeous Emily Blunt playing the 19th century British heroic monarchy. The costumes were absolutelybeautiful – the gowns, the undergarments (lace numbers), the 19th century casual wear… Even the men’s costumes were breathtaking – definitely inspiring. Maybe next season for a 19th century men’s style’s revival?

Sandy Powell and Nicole Ritchie, both fashion fanatics, did not go for the safe red-carpet option. The rather unusual colour and ‘low-key’ 20s clingy numbers nonetheless were refreshing from the largely conservative albeit beautiful dresses. Retro rules!

Please tolerate my mild digression: nothing beats seeing Avatar scooping home three gongs less than Kathryn’s far more superior flick. The Hurt Locker rendered me heart-attacks from beginning to the end, I was clutching my heart, covering my eyes and the film is indeed a thriller through and through. Kathryn Bigelow chose a safe and elegant grey frock embellished with heart-shaped beads. Tina Fey’s Michael Kor evening gown is another safe but dazzling number, comfortable to wear and no worries about fashion disaster. Oprah took cue from Phoebe Philo’s recent runway success and donning ‘navy is the new black’?

Lastly. How can we forget about the men? Gerard Butler… we prefer you all tucked up in a tux…no more flashing of the flabbing tummy. Tom Ford accessoried with Camilla, Coco Chanel’s favourite flower. Jeremy Runner, in The Hurt Locker.

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