The Return of the 60s

Seen on the runway, the lovingly missed 60s has seen return on the streets already. The sepia palette is embraced by street strutters world wide. Trousers are loosely fitted and are cropped slightly above the ankle.

Waistlines are worn high, cinched by colourful belts to add a Teenies’ touch. Hair are best worn ginger; lips gothic brown. The Queen’s silk scarves work as accessories; a simple knot round the neck or as a turban to break off the wind.

Zara took cue and mannequins in maroon, chocolate and dark beige are already posing on their shop windows. Clogs are unmissable this season, a trend started by Vivienne Westwood, Chanel… The clogs have since repeatedly seen on catwalks such as Marco de Vincenzo etc. Another excuse to visit Holland then? A nice tone-down touch if going full out on clog is too out there – a pair of leather Birkenstock or suede open-toe wedges. does a lovely array of comfortable clogs in a variety of colours and fabrics from £36.

To quote Dita Von Teese, you have to live and breathe your style. Just looking 60s will not suffice. Try to learn from the 60s secreteriats. Light a fag, sprinkle with 21st century’s attitude, blow the smoke in your boss’s face. Tell him ‘I’m not retyping the document, my Olivetti is running out of ink’. Go to the kitchen, make a cup of tea with the hot water from a steel thermos, drink with jade coloured china.

Clock out at the machine, look at your Tissot watch with brown leather strap. Time for a Whisky. You throw on your cashmere cardigan, put down your black rimmed plastic spectacles. You strut out of the door in a pair of 1-inch Bally court shoes. You turn and airkiss your boss, delicatedly announce with your gothic brown lips, ‘see you next Monday.’

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