Show Reviews

Many show reviews nowadays are very detailed. Frills here, wool lame there; laser cut here, ruching there… There are even reviewers who attempt to describe every single dress in explicit detail… That’s very good of them to excercise the expert knowledge learnt in their three years worth of fashion design course.  Most of the people who read these review tho, are not fashion experts. Besides, the technology bloom allows people across the globe to browse show pictures in amazing details. So why do they do it?

Two of the best fashio journalists – Sarah Mower (British Journalist who fills in for for major show reviews) and Hilary Alexander (New Zealander but based in England who writes for the Daily Telegraph) – never dwell on excessive details. Instead they relay the overall feel of the shows, interject with facts and interviews and the occassional description of a dress that stands out.

It is always a joy reading their articles. Never preaches, never judges, only a truly amazing collection gets an obvious thumb-up. And in this fast paced and attention seeking blogosphere, positivity is a rare quality.

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