Bin It Sans Style

I have never been an advocate of the LV monogram. Like a slacked rubberband, the symbolism the wearer bears is trite and tired. Nothing screams ‘wealth! wealth!’ in a more demeaning way (sorry friends and family). If a few cherries don’t do, a fuchia paint brush won’t either. You think it was the end-of when cartoonists take the piss. But no, there are always people who up the game…

It could be a counterfeit bin bag. Maybe LVMH should divert their ammunition from eBay and focus on the manufacturer of this deeply criminal product.

But after seeing this… I’m not too convinced the above was a pirate product afterall. Marc Jacobs’ new invention, the £1000 Rainbow Besace bag (Ladies, next time the liners run out, get your fellas to pop down tesco for a roll of ‘Rainbow Besace’. Cool slang, eh?)  He famously told the Times last year that ‘”there’s this huge cult following of almost crazy people at Vuitton who just want whatever they buy to be exclusive.” And no, the refuse sack isn’t the last joke Mr Jacobs plays with the devout fans of Louis Vuitton.


What the fuck is this? Inspired by Slumdog Millionaire, Marc Jacobs present you with a Junk Fest. Dial tone telephone cords. Fabrics from the filthiest tramp’s swing skirt. Rotten fettucine from the Italian deli. If you look really closely, you can see mini tarzan swinging from tree to tree. E volia, for £26,000 you can be the butt of Marc’s joke.

The question is – who is laughing now? Maybe the revenue officier at LVMH and… every sane person?


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