An Open Letter to Mr McQueen

Dear Lee,

I still can’t believe what I heard 4 hours ago. I can’t believe you abandoned us. It may seem like we don’t know you. But our love extend to you from a mere fashion cause. WE CARE.

Kate Moss – remember her? She, the person who was going through her darkest days, you supported her by wearing a WE LOVE YOU KATE t-shirt. The one who was your bridesmaid? You can’t talk to her about your sadness?

Your 5 siblings? You can’t talk to them about your sorrow?

Your partner?

My nan, who knitted me all my knitwear – hats, mitts, scarves, pullovers; who made my winter jackets; my dolly-wear party dresses when I was little; who told me I am the most beautiful girl in the world despite the chicken pox on every inch of my skin – passed 6 month ago. I cried tearless. I pawed through wallpapers and carpet. I pulled through. I knew there are more to look forward to. Every little pieces in life.

Your passing is more than just the loss of a talent. You are a person, who deserved love and support.

You didn’t give us a chance. You didn’t let us in. You didn’t even try.

I am angry with you. I am angry with you for letting these tears streaming down my face. I am angry with you for being so hopeless.

You gave us so much to look forward to every season. You gave us so much joy. And when it came to your life. There’s nothing we could do.

If there’s a time machine – I won’t go back to the 50s. I will come straight to your rescue.

A letter too little too late. I am sorry.

Lots of love,



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