Loving Una Burke

What inspired the London College of Fashion MA graduate to create these leather armour is complex. The ideology behind these clothes can qualify as Grimm Brothers’ fairytales. What’s even more amusing about these armour is that they look like a mix between prosthetic limbs and fetish clothing on a groundbreaking avant garde scale. The collar looks like it’s a bondage version of the lace medici collar; the leather overlay reminds me of Louboutin and Zanotti’s ankle boots… It’s…plain beautiful!

Hasn’t anyone told Rihanna/Beyonce about Una Burke yet? And can I imagine Daphne Guiness wearing this to the Met Ball? (Yes!!) Well, seeing how Burke’s creations have been featured in Vogue, Wallpaper, Guardian etc etc, I hope she’ll soon be a household name…

Incidently, the photoshoot I am running for Felix in Janurary will feature the theme ‘Growing Up’. Una’s skin coloured armour will be perfect for the ‘Childhood’ stage. It feels ‘born’ in a dark kind of way…

See www.unaburke.com for details.


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