London is always at the forefront of the fashion world. It is no surprise that it is the first fashion capital to come up with an eco-clothing agenda.Estethica supports designers whose design ethos are as creative as ethical.

The idea of ethical does not stop at organic cotton. The production of raw material, the biodegradablity and the conditions of the dress makers are all part of the equation.

Some people may think that eco-clothing are as dull as a vegan’s diet. It is not. From Ada Zanditon’s colour coded origami top to Stamo’s hand pleated silk fabric. They are as creative and beautiful as non-ethical fashion.

Ada Zanditon is a first class graduate from London College of Fashion. She went on to show her collection at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.

Unfortunately Stamo didn’t win any awards in Estethica. She should have. Her pieces are theatrical and intricate. Apart from focussing on sustainability, Stamo also tries to preserve the forgotten craft techniques such as head pleating – which is featured in her SS10 collection.

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