Snobbish Slouch

I dressed slouchy yesterday. I have been reluctant to try this hot trend of the season. Somehow, slouching conveys a hint of a waning positivity. Slouching connotes a sad woman who has seen happier days. As an act of reminiscence, she dresses in her partner’s old clothes. The confidence that can be relayed by our beautiful conture is pared back with just a pair of baggy harem. Talk about the jokes that designers and magazine writers play on us.

I adapted the style to my mood. I tucked in a low cut tank top into a pair of black velvet Marlene Birger high waisted slouchy. The tank was low cut enough to show off my cleavage, and on my neck a vulgar and conspicuous gold necklace. I wore an oversize dirty green silk shirt open buttoned, and tucked the front into my trousers as if I am one of the Backstreet Boys. I put so much gel on my hair that I look right out of the shower. That wet look Agyness Deyn channelled for Armani eyewear.

I have to say I don’t feel superb in the outfit. What I felt is an air of arrogance around me that says, “I have that spare £4 to buy fashion magazines.”



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