I have been in Hong Kong for three weeks now. While the majority of people dress for the weather (it’s about 36 degrees here… while the sun is not scorching, the humidity suffocates you. Fag breaks are no longer leisure, they are torturous. The moisture in the air and the heat totally puts you off from puffing more heat into your lungs. The concrete skyscrapers store the heat radiates from the cars, the 50 buses that run on the same road every minute and not to mention the unkind solar radiation.)


I mean take away those who dress for the weather, people are trendy. Clothes are cheap, styles are versatile. Many people dress plausibly.

Don’t forget most of our clothes comes from Hong Kong. Hilary Alexander worked in Hong Kong for 5 years. She said one of the many thrills of writing in Hong Kong was the accidental discoveries of factories or outlets.

Lack of my photographic skills perhaps. But her rebellious bleached leather messenger bag has a chewed off flap; her loose tee is coherent with the whole rock-chic look. I love her manicure. Impeccable.

One thing I like about the Asian style is that they dress to **please themselves**. Not dressed according to the ** magazine**.

You may complain about the lack of photograhy. People I have asked so far are cautious about how their photos will be used. For example, this lady’s side kick stepped in to interfere with the photographing process… Europeans generally love having their pictures taken.

“Blog? What blog? How do I know you are what you say you are? Have you a business card?”

What can I possibly use this photograph for?


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