William Tempest’s heart skipped a beat…


So this dress was not tudor inspired, but the architecture pretty much sums up the essence of William’s show-stopping structured dress. At a massive savings of over £600 pounds, this £18 is a bargain and is available from your nearest Asda.

William Tempest's debut at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in Feb, 2009.

William Tempest's debut at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in Feb, 2009.

Browsing the Asda website returned this fabulous dense leopard print body-con dress as well:


Also by George for Asda, £18.

While we’re on the supermarket invading the fashion market matter, look at this gorgeous sleevless trench coat by Tesco, all for £30, easily beating those old shapes we’re so accustomed to with Burberry and Aquascutum… You know, the £30 alternative doesn’t look half bad, the quality is supereme, the tailoring is well done. Without the F&F logo on the top right, I can be easily convinced that this is a Burberry’s SS10 campaign…



One thought on “William Tempest’s heart skipped a beat…

  1. I like the new blog design. The colors are really nice.

    Asda has a pretty good reputation for affordable fashion, but I must say this is the first appealing item I’ve seen from Tesco. But how practical is a sleeveless trench coat? Maybe such classic designs shouldn’t be messed with….

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