Thigh High Boots

Yeah, every fashion magazine seems to talk about them now. But mind you, thefashionspot has been talking about them at least 6 months ago. It makes me wonder if fashion magazines are worth buying anymore.

I went to Liverpool and visited a random shoe shop in the summer. They had a pair of suede thigh high, flat, going for £25. So if you fancy buying a pair, always visit random shoe shops that sell boots all through the year.

Another random note… if you think thigh high is only for this season and contemplate hard whether you should invest – why not get a pair where you can flip down from the knee up, so you can wear them like a normal pair of boots next season?

This pair is from I seem to always recommend people buying shoes from fetish sites now. Anyhow, that’s what fashion is going for right, the shock and the taboo. So next time you’re buying a jacket or a bag… maybe you can consider sneaking into a sex shop and it may surprise you!


Final note, Zara is doing a pair of stiletto thighs for £89. Whether or not its worth it it’s up to you. But best check taboo or sex shops as I said…

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