London Fashion Week

Some think fashion is superficial and shallow. Some should perhaps call themselves by the name they have called fashion.

I struggle to find words to describe a “coat” I saw on the catwalk today. What is the name for this coat? What are the names for the parts of the coat? How do I describe the colour? There is so much technicality to the wording. So much that Oxford should publish a dictionary for Fashion. And they should. Or maybe let Royal College of Art or Central Saint Martins do it.

Clearly writing for fashion is the most “superficial” of all and my word bank has already failed me. When it comes to the actual tailoring and working on the fabric? How do you make 3D shapes out of a 2D bit of cloth?

Some people might regard a bit of paper as an instrument to jot down a phone number. Some has painted Mona Lisa out of it. Some wear clothes to cover up. Some has filled an entire gallery in V&A with “Clothes”. C with a capital.


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