Are we ready to raise the Thames’ Barrier?

Jonathan Ross gave Kate Winslet a little tease for her emotional speech upon winning a Golden Globe a couple of weeks ago. While winning Oscar/Bafta/Grammy must be a worldly recognition and the ultimate achievement for a person, seldom do you see the winners flood the stage with tears. So why is it an unavoidable etiquette for singers/actors in Hong Kong to cry on stage?

The question is not whether if it is OK to be emotional. The question is the genuineness of the tears. Winning an award for the first time is surely a big enough a moment for anyone to feel overwhelmed. For those who repeatedly cry on stage, and repeatedly force tears from their tearducts. Let it be known that us audience aren’t idiots. It is extremely tedious to watch. This false and pretentious behaviour almost seizes the top prize of Cliche from the generic Korean drama which the leading actress die of an uncurable disease, yet again.

There must be better ways to get on a newspaper. Wear something flamboyant and authentic. Say something meaningful and encouraging.

Lack of creativity spells ZZZZZ.

Although this photo is used out of context - for which this was photographed while Gillian was giving a press conference for her Sex Scandal. This is equally demeaning to women. Why is it that women should cry everytime something bad happen to them?

When Gillian showed up in her press conference regarding her sex scandal, she blamed the episode on her naivety. The principle idea behind the crying is the same - get on to the newspaper and fish for some undeserved sympathy. Us accepting your "innocent image" doesn't make us idiots. Isn't it more respectable if you own up to your own actions? You can't be too naive in the first place if you were doing that in the first place.


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