Mode of Writing

Shakespeare and Dickens must be really talented. Not that I am a fan of theirs. Oh no. But the fact that they didn’t have word processors in their days and were still able to write such flamboyant plays and stories. Did they have all the plots and characters decided before they penned it? What if Shakespeares decides that Peter was no good and needed to reformulate him to Romeo half way through creating the story?

I find it such a pain to write on paper these days. I am never decisive on how a plot should go. The springs under my backspace and the delete buttons are almost flattened by constant use. I read and reread about 50 times before I am satisfied with one paragraph.

I must glorify Word 2007. It has merged work processing and publishing. Everyone can become a writer these days.


One thought on “Mode of Writing

  1. According to urban legend Shakespeare didn’t write his own plays, so it was some other bugger who had to do all the pen pushing.

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