Alan Sugar and Che Guevara

“Alan Sugar is a legend.”

“Alan Sugar is a dick.”

“How can you idolise Guevara and think that Alan Sugar is a dick?”

“Guevara is a legend for humanitarian reasons.”

“Alan Sugar is a legend.”

“He is a narcissist. He has no respect for anything apart from money. What does it tell you when he is even loathed by his own sister? You don’t have to work for family love and he hasn’t even got that.”

The US was scared of Guevara because they knew the revolution in Latin America would have succeeded. They had to execute him. Who can bear an enemy directly under your belt?

“Guevara is a legend for not he is a good guerilla leader. For he sympathisises and understand the plight of people. For he has forsaken his own comfort for fairness and justice.”

You cannot be a good leader without empathy. You cannot rage a war for anything reason other than love. You cannot win a war and get applause for any cause other than injustice.

Yes. I idolise Che Guevara in this respect.

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