Free Palestine? Stop the Massacre in Gaza?

I object to people who don’t have an overall and true knowledge to the historical background of Tibet to opinionate on the matter. I would utilise the same mentality when it comes to subject as sensitive as “Free Palestine”.

I was utterly overwhelmed as I walked past High Street Ken today for if we can all live in peace in the first place, there wouldn’t have been this march. I must emphasise that I was supportive of the general principle of the demonstrtion, that violence should stop. No more blood should be shed.

People March on High Street Ken today

People March on High Street Ken today

I sympathise all humanitarian issues, I am all for peace and against confrontation. When offered on High Street Kensington during the demonstration against the brutality in Gaza today a “Free Palestine” banner; I kindly refused.One should have full reasons and be doubtless for supporting a cause. I know I will never be unbiased enough to say who is right and who is wrong. Is it wrong for Israel to rage a war against Gaza? And is it wrong for Hamas to fire rockets into Israel? But is it OK for Israel to target Hamas while sabotaging the lives of civilians? Is it OK for Hamas to revenge on Israel when not every Palestinian seeks vengence? These are all complicated questions that require knowledge into the history of Palestine and Israel or possibily the Arab countries also. Which stance does one take really also depends on how rightist and leftist you are too.

Stop the brutality in Gaza is what I can only hold out for.


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