Che Guevara

I bought this much loved t-shirt the other day:

I Heart World

I Heart World

Thinking back I don’t think there is one single place on earth I have been to that I don’t like. Learning always begins with passion and appreciation. You cannot learn piano if you didn’t enjoy it in the first place. Hence you have got to love the world if you want to facilitate change on your own. It is difficult to make better your own place if you didn’t prefer some qualities in a foreign bit of land. It is, I admit, a divine work of art to tweak between plagiarising and learning. How does one retain its uniqueness while absorbing the goods of your counterparts?

I try to recall as closely as I can to a quote in the film Che: Part 1.

What makes a revolutionist? -the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love”

Without love, no matter how true your cause is, you will never succeed, let alone sustain.

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